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Rhodochrosite tumbled stone pendant

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  • Size approx. 20-35 mm Ø, 3 mm drill diameter
  • With a 100 cm long black leather strap


Until 1813, rhodochrosite was called manganese spar, that name
he received it from Abraham Gottlob Werner. It was not until that year that the mineralogist Friedrich Hausmann gave it its name, which is still valid today. Which is derived from the Greek word "rhodochrosis" and translated means "rose colored". Later, two synonyms were added to the name. August Breithaupt thought the name rhodochrosite was too difficult to pronounce and suggested the synonyms Rosenspar and Raspberry Spar. According to stories, the Incas called rhodochrosite “inca rose” and the Indians revered rhodochrosite as the stone of love and the heart. The special feature of rhodochrosite is its beautiful pink color with its typical banding.

Mode of action as a healing stone

With the help of rhodochrosite you can initiate a restructuring of your own life. It ensures a deeper self-knowledge and helps to overcome fears, depressions and insecurities from life and to prevent them from entering the new life again. In this way you can achieve more joie de vivre and a stronger balance of harmony. Thus, the rhodochrosite also ensures more creativity and more openness to new things. The rhodochrosite increases sexuality and other emotional life.

Please note!

Each gemstone is a natural product, including this one, for this reason the color, shape and natural markings of the product may differ from the sample images.

The healing powers are not scientifically proven. It is based on the experiences of users and therapists. If you have any doubts about your health, please consult a doctor.