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Jadeite tumbled stone pendant

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  • Size approx. 20-35 mm Ø, 3 mm drill diameter
  • With a 100 cm long black leather strap

How it works as a birthstone

The jade is a very special gem for all people who wear the zodiac sign Libra. This is the main birthstone of the zodiac. However, it is particularly effective for those born in the second decade (October 3rd to October 12th). Jade strengthens the Libra's sense of justice, perfection, balance and beauty . It also gives the wearer the ability to self-determination and equal rights. By wearing the jade, the sense of aesthetics is greatly increased.

Effect on other zodiac signs

In addition, the jade gives the cancer security and confidence. Jade is an important secondary healing stone for Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo and Scorpio. This calms and gives the zodiac sign Aquarius stability. The sign Pisces is given balance and harmony. In addition, the jade opens his eyes to the beautiful things in life. It helps the zodiac sign Virgo to organize feelings and gives more vitality, and the gem jade gives the sign Scorpio confidence and joie de vivre.

Please note!

Each gemstone is a natural product, including this one, for this reason the color, shape and natural markings of the product may differ from the sample images.

The healing powers are not scientifically proven. It is based on the experiences of users and therapists. If you have any doubts about your health, please consult a doctor.