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Hematite tumbled stone pendant

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  • With a 100 cm long black leather strap
  • Size approx. 20-35 mm Ø, 3 mm drill diameter


Hematite takes its name from the Greek word "haemateios", which means "bloody". This is due to the fact that its grinding water turns blood red. Already in the Paleolithic hematite was used as a dye for cave paintings
used. This healing stone was previously used to stop bleeding, blood formation and wound healing. In ancient times it was called specularite (mirror stone). This indicates that it was used as a mirror at that time. In the time of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt, hematite was traded in great demand as a gemstone and played a significant role in the production of artistic objects.


When the hematite is polished, the typical metallic luster comes into its own

However, the healing stone is very brittle and very sensitive to heat,
Acids and salts, so it oxidizes very easily on the outside. As an iron ore, hematite has a very special role, because it has already been found on Mars and is proof that there must have been water on Mars.

Please note!

Each gemstone is a natural product, including this one, for this reason the color, shape and natural markings of the product may differ from the sample images.

The healing powers are not scientifically proven. It is based on the experiences of users and therapists. If you have any doubts about your health, please consult a doctor.