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Azurite tumbled stone pendant

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  • With a 100 cm long black leather strap

The azurite tumbled stone has a size of 20-30mm and a drill hole diameter of approx. 2.5mm.


Azurite was used medicinally by the Greeks and Romans.

When ground, it is used as a coloring agent for the beautiful azure blue. The Egyptians took
this mineral was also used for color pigments and in the Middle Ages it was also used to create artistic writing. The mineral azurite got its name from the Persian word "Lazhward", which means something like "blue color". Lapis Lazuli and Azurite developed from this, but mineralogically speaking, these are two different gemstones.

Mode of action of azurite as a healing stone

Thanks to the azurite, the ability to concentrate and the sense of justice can be strengthened
become. It lets you look at things more critically and thus also think things through,
previously dismissed as normal and non-negotiable. That leads to
a change in opinions and thought patterns, which in turn leads to this
can make decisions easier to make. The healing stone azurite also provides more self-confidence and makes receptive and insightful to problems. It also strengthens knowledge and promotes spiritual growth.

Please note!

Each gemstone is a natural product, including this one, for this reason the color, shape and natural markings of the product may differ from the sample images.

The healing powers are not scientifically proven. It is based on the experiences of users and therapists. If you have any doubts about your health, please consult a doctor.