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Aquamarine Freeform Tumbled Stone Pendant

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short description

  • Drilled Aquamarine Freeform Tumbled Stone Pendant
  • The aquamarine gemstone has a size of approx. 25-30mm and a hole with a diameter of approx. 2.5-3.0mm
  • With a 100 cm long black leather strap


The aquamarine pendant is a drilled freeform tumbled stone. This means that the gemstone was not further shaped after or before it was tumbled. The pendant is approximately 15-25mm in size with a 2.5-3.0mm bore.

How it works as a birthstone

Aquamarine is not only the birthstone of people born between January 30th and February 8th inclusive of the Aquarius zodiac sign, but is also the main birthstone of this zodiac sign. As a birthstone, the gemstone supports the wearer in developing his foresight and foresight and in mustering the necessary perseverance in solving conflicts and problems. In addition, aquamarine as a birthstone encourages Aquarius to think visionary.

Effect on other zodiac signs

As a healing stone, aquamarine not only has advantages for people born in Aquarius. The zodiac sign Libra or Gemini, for example, also receive support from the gemstone. The Libra is strengthened in their spiritual freedom and thanks to the aquamarine, they can better pursue their desires. Gemini brings inner harmony and a feeling of unlimited freedom.

Please note!

Each gemstone is a natural product, including this one, for this reason the color, shape and natural markings of the product may differ from the sample images.

The healing powers are not scientifically proven. It is based on the experiences of users and therapists. If you have any doubts about your health, please consult a doctor.