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White Jade - A mystical healing stone of great importance

Origin of the name Jade

A mineral of amazing beauty and cultural importance, jade originated in Central America. Spanish explorers came across this shiny rock and named it "pietra de ijada", which translates to "loin stone" or "kidney stone". The natives of Central America recognized the healing powers of jade against kidney diseases and used it as a healing stone.

In the 17th century, the French adopted the expression as "l'éjade" and later changed it to "le jade". It has also been colloquially referred to as "lapis nephriticus", meaning "kidney stone". This designation later gave rise to the name "nephrite". Jade and nephrite were originally synonyms for the same mineral as they were initially indistinguishable. However, it was later recognized that jade includes the minerals jadeite, nephrite and chloromelanite.

It is worth noting that the similar looking rock serpentine is also commercially referred to as jade. The Chinese word for jade is "Yu", which only applies to jadeite and nephrite.

A symbol of good luck and purity, jade has been used in jewelry and works of art for centuries. From the ancient cultures of Central America to the imperial courts of China, jade is a mineral that has fascinated and inspired people. Today, jade is still treasured and admired, and its beauty and cultural importance continues to be passed down from generation to generation.

Importance of white jade in different cultures

White jade is one of the oldest cult stones in the world and played an important role in almost every culture. Art objects were made of jade as early as the Palaeolithic Age. A veritable jade culture developed particularly in China, where there are rich deposits. It was there that the craftsmanship, ethics, philosophy and mythology surrounding White Jade reached their zenith. The stone symbolizes the five main virtues: wisdom, justice, modesty, mercy and courage. In Chinese culture, jade represents femininity, beauty, and nature, and is even said to convey longevity and immortality. To this day, white jade is revered in China as a lucky charm and valued for its healing powers. In other cultures, too, jade was regarded as a magical stone and used, for example, as a grave accessory or to protect against evil spirits. In Central America, jade was used as a healing stone and for offerings as well as god attributes.

The effect of the White Jade stone for harmony and balance

White jade is a wonderful healing stone that is incredibly important to the human soul. This stone has the unique ability to convey love of life, joy and openness on the one hand, while providing calm and relaxation on the other. The jade has a balancing effect on all senses and helps to better understand and realize oneself. When looking for justice, this stone can help break down prejudice and promote love and friendship as one's harmony can radiate to those around. In addition, the white jade promotes mental agility, strengthens courage and personality and can relieve fears and anxiety. Another intriguing feature of jade is its ability to enhance dream interpretation talent and aid sleep when placed on the forehead.

Charging, discharging and purifying the White Jade Stone

To discharge your jade stones, it's a good idea to regularly run them under lukewarm running water. However, you should not expose them to the harsh rays of the sun to recharge them. Instead, it's best to leave your white jade stones in an amethyst geode overnight. When it comes to cleaning your jade, you should be careful not to expose it to excessive heat or acidic substances.

Applications for jade

If you're looking for a natural way to improve your well-being, consider jade. This gem can be used for both its mental and physical effects. Simply place it on your forehead to benefit from its calming and relaxing properties. To feel the physical effects on your kidneys, you can put it there or enjoy it as a tea.

To make the tea, prepare the jade water and then heat it. Add different herbs to enhance the taste and effect. It is important to note that the jade should not come into contact with hot water as this may affect its quality. Use cold water instead to unlock the full potential of the jade stone.

Gem Water with White Jade

A beneficial variant of gemstone water can be created by adding jade. For this, the jade can be placed in a gemstone bowl, a test tube or a crystal infusion. The resulting jade gemstone water is particularly gentle and is ideal for direct contact with water.

White Jade and the Chakras

Jade has a wonderful effect on our heart and brow chakra. But did you know that there are different color variations of jade that specifically target certain chakras? Yes, it is true! These beautiful stones are able to specifically address the energy centers in our body and promote our well-being. So you can be sure that with the right choice of jade color you will harmonize your chakras and strengthen your inner balance.

Meditation with jade

When you focus on the root chakra when meditating, using White Jade can help increase your sensuality and sexuality. This beautiful and unique type of gemstone has long been valued for its healing properties and can help you increase your sexual awareness. By focusing on the root chakra, which is associated with your sexual energy, you can go deeper within and release your sexual energy in a way that is fulfilling for you and your partner. Try it out and experience the transformative power of White Jade on your spiritual path.

White Jade and the Zodiac

White jade is a valuable stone that plays a special role in the zodiac signs of Cancer and Libra. Cancers can benefit from the security and confidence this healing stone gives them, while Libras can receive more inner harmony and vitality. But jade also has an important meaning for other zodiac signs such as Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo and Scorpio. Aquarians can benefit from the stability and calming effects that jade gives them and gain more self-confidence. Pisces find more balance and harmony through jade and are sensitized to the beauty of life. For Virgos, this stone can help organize their emotions and boost their vitality. Scorpios can benefit from the confidence and joie de vivre that this stone conveys.

Formation and occurrence of jade

The formation of white jade is an amazing natural phenomenon resulting from the transformation of albite under extremely high pressure and heat, known as rock metamorphism. A member of the pyroxene group and the silicate mineral class, white jade is a precious mineral of unique beauty.

Although found in various countries such as China, Mexico, USA, Canada, Russia, Burma and New Zealand, the abundance of white jade is relatively low. This makes them a rare and sought after gemstone, prized by connoisseurs and collectors.


Jade is a truly remarkable healing stone, prized for its unique abilities and beneficial effects on the human soul. It promotes inner harmony and balance, gives us a new zest for life and joy, while at the same time giving rest and relaxation. With its balancing effect on all senses, jade helps us to get to know and realize ourselves better. From the chakras to the zodiac signs, this extraordinary gemstone can be used in a variety of ways, with positive effects on our overall well-being.

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