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Prasem/Africa Jade - The leek green quartz with a calming effect

Prasem is a remarkable gemstone with an unusual leek green color that gives it its name. The name "Prasem" comes from the Greek word "prasos", which means "leek" due to its characteristic color. Already in ancient times, Prasem was known and valued for its healing and protective properties. It is said that the Temple of Apollo at Delphi was built entirely of pure Prasem!

Although less well known as a gemstone, Prasem does have trade names such as "Budstone" or "African Jade". However, the latter is somewhat misleading, since the only thing the prasem has in common with jade is its color.

Effect of Prasem - Calming down the temper

Prasem is a special gemstone that can help those with short tempers to foster their self-discipline and self-determination. Due to its calming effect, it can give calm and balance and thus contribute to the resolution of conflicts or tensions. Even with unforgiving people, Prasem can help bring about arbitration. The gemstone aids in calming down and maintaining control, making it ideal for people who have many commitments and are at risk of overwork. With Prasem you can not only get your emotions under control, but also be supported in coping with everyday life.

Charging, discharging and purifying Prasem

To get the full effect of Prasem, it is recommended to discharge it under running water once a week. If you want to charge it, there are two effective ways: you can either use hematite tumbled stones or place the prasem in the sun. In this way it is charged with new energy and can fully develop its positive properties again.

Application of Prasem – Longer wearing time recommended

While Prasem is slow to take effect, it can be worn for long periods of time to reach its full potential. If you feel unwell, Prasem can provide relief by laying it on the affected area of ​​the body.

Gemstone Water with Africa Jade - Mild and suitable for direct contact with water

Would you like to spice up your drinking water and benefit from the healing powers of a gemstone? With Prasem it's child's play! There are several methods to make the gem water: you can simply place the stone in a gem tray, boil it in water or use steam, store it in a test tube, add crystals or use a gem slice. As soon as the water is enriched with Prasem, it unfolds its mild but effective effect. Prasem is particularly well suited for direct contact with water and ensures a refreshing and revitalizing drinking experience.

Prasem and the heart chakra

Prasem unfolds its full potential in the heart chakra - the important energy center that stands for love, compassion and spiritual development. When you focus on Prasem, you can feel and benefit from this special energy deep within you. Let Prasem inspire you and support you on your way to more heart opening and spiritual maturity.

Formation of Prasem - Two different forms

Prasem is a mineral that occurs in two distinct forms. The first is the crystalline prasem, which is mainly formed by hydrothermal solutions. The second is the massive Prasem, also known as Budstone, which forms in the Tertiary when rocks with high concentrations of quartz, iron, magnesium and calcium undergo metamorphosis. This mainly produces actinolite, which is enclosed in quartz and is responsible for the characteristic leek-green color. Belonging to the mineral class of oxides, prasem is a unique and fascinating mineral that is formed in various forms and under various conditions.

Occurrence of Prasem – Rare in Greece and USA

Prasem is an exceptional type of gem found primarily in Greece and the United States and is rarely encountered. Despite its rarity, prasem is popular for its calming properties, which many people use to improve their mood.


Prasem is a special type of quartz that features a unique and soothing leek green color. This gemstone can have a positive effect on the mind, helping to resolve conflict and tension in those with short tempers. When you wear Prasem on your heart chakra, it can calm you down for a longer period of time and increase your well-being.

The gemstone water made from prasem has a gentle effect and is a great way to enjoy the healing powers of prasem. Prasem is also suitable for direct contact with water, so you can integrate it into your daily life.

Prasem forms in two forms: the crystalline prasem arises from hydrothermal solutions, while the coarse prasem forms in the tertiary period of metamorphism of rocks. Both forms are rare and are mainly found in Greece and the USA.

Overall, Prasem is a beautiful gemstone with many healing properties. If you are looking for inner peace and relaxation, you should definitely try Prasem.

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