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Gold River: A synthetic semi-precious stone with fascinating properties

Gold flow is a semi-precious stone that is man-made and composed of natural materials. Unlike its natural relatives, the gold river does not grow deep underground, but is created by human craft. The fascinating reddish-brown color and the numerous sparkling stones make it particularly popular with jewelry lovers and are an impressive testimony to human craftsmanship.

The hardness of the gold flow of 7 proves its robustness and thus it belongs to the resilient gemstones. The golden-brown color of the gold flow is created by many incorporated copper crystals.

Application and care of the gold flow

The flow of gold is a protective stone of special power and can be worn in different ways. Whether as an amulet on the skin or as a keychain - the choice is yours. When you feel your energy draining, it's best to grab your flow of gold and hold it in your right hand. Within a few minutes, the stone will take effect and replenish your empty energy stores.

However, it should be noted that if the gold flow is worn daily, it may lose its luster over time and its effect may become weaker. To counteract this effect, you should regularly give it the necessary care. You can buff it gently with a dry cotton cloth or let it discharge and recharge in a jar of amethysts or hematites to renew its energy.

If you take good care of your gold flow, you will enjoy it for a long time and benefit from its protective effect. Let him become your constant companion and feel his positive energy every day.

Effect of the flow of gold on body and soul

The monks also called the gold river sun stone due to its glittering appearance that resembles the rays of the sun. But this semi-precious stone not only hides visual beauty, but also a deep secret. Its positive effect on psychosomatic illnesses and in particular on mental disorders based on exaggerated ideals of beauty makes it a stone of contentment.

For all morning grouches out there, the gold flow can be a great support, because it gives you a special kick after waking up that lasts throughout the day and provides you with positive energy. The flow of gold can also be a faithful companion for insecure personalities by helping them to accept their own weaknesses and put the opinions of others into perspective. With the river of gold at your side, every day becomes a radiant experience.

Esoteric, chakra and zodiac mapping of the flow of gold

The gold flow is a very special gemstone, which is said to have a special effect due to its natural raw materials. For many people it is an indispensable healing stone, which is associated in particular with the sex chakra and the zodiac sign Scorpio.

The gold flow is valued not only for its beautiful golden color but also for its unique properties. Many believe that it has a calming and balancing effect and can help release emotional blocks. In addition, it is associated with strengthening physical and mental energy.

If you are interested in the world of healing stones or are just looking for a sparkling gemstone for your piece of jewellery, the Gold River is definitely worth a look!

Origin and history of the gold river

The Gold River is made by Italian monks who have used their knowledge and skill for centuries to preserve the exact recipe while respecting millennia-old traditions. The exact manufacturing method remains a closely guarded secret and has been passed down from generation to generation since the 16th century. The main component of the gold flow is the quartz sand, which is available worldwide and in unlimited quantities. Countries like Germany, the USA, Slovenia, Spain and France have specialized in the processing of quartz sand, but the exclusive recipe for the gold flow is still kept in the Italian monasteries.

Although manufactured as a synthetic stone, Gold River has a long and distinguished history. It has been valued for its healing properties in many cultures for centuries. It is often used to strengthen self-image and to treat psychosomatic illnesses.


There is a semi-precious stone that has fascinated and cherished mankind for centuries - the gold river. This stone has many positive properties and is considered an indispensable healing stone due to its natural raw materials. If you want to carry a flow of gold with you, you should take care of it regularly and handle it occasionally to fully unfold its healing properties. The flow of gold is a faithful companion who can help you to balance your life and support you on your spiritual path.

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