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The healing power of green fluorite: meaning, effect and application

Green fluorite is very popular among gemstones, and not without reason: the different color variations and diverse crystal shapes make it a real eye-catcher. It is also known as fluorspar and owes its name to its use as a flux in metal processing. But not only its optical charms make the stone so special - it combines the positive properties of different gemstones and is also valued for its healing effects.

Effect of Green Fluorite

The green fluorite is particularly suitable as a healing stone for difficulties with concentration and learning. It can increase cognitive performance and stimulate creativity, as well as help promote clarity, understanding and a sense of order. Green fluorite can also help reshape life and alleviate fears by awakening suppressed emotions and intensifying feelings. In addition, it can help to let go of one-sided perspectives and limiting ways of life. The green fluorite strengthens intuition and sensitizes us to love and friendship.

Charging, Discharging and Purifying Green Fluorite

For maximum effect of the green fluorite, it is recommended to discharge it under lukewarm water once a week and then recharge it either with a clear quartz crystal or by charging it in the sun. If you're wearing a green fluorite necklace, it's best to discharge it overnight with hematite tumbled stones and then charge it with a clear rock crystal. In this way you can ensure that your green fluorite always develops its full healing power.

Application of Green Fluorite

The green fluorite works best when you simply look at it, bring it into direct skin contact or place it directly on the affected parts of the body. Just by looking at the stone or wearing it as a piece of jewellery, you can already benefit from its positive energy. Placing green fluorite directly on painful or stressed areas of the body can help relieve tension and promote blood circulation. So it pays to have this special stone nearby to benefit from its healing powers.

Green Fluorite Chakra

In order to unleash the full potential of green fluorite on a specific chakra, it is important to consider the color of the stone. However, when it comes to activating and strengthening the heart chakra, green fluorite is particularly effective. Through its unique properties, it can help promote a deeper understanding of love, compassion, and emotional healing. Therefore, green fluorite is an excellent choice for those looking to balance their heart chakra.

Formation and occurrence of green fluorite

Fluorite is a fascinating mineral that is normally colorless but takes on various colors when mixed with other minerals. The green fluorite is particularly sought after and crystallizes in beautiful cubes. This amazing color is mainly formed when magma, which contains high levels of hydrogen fluoride, cools. Green Fluorite belongs to the Halide class of minerals and is found in many parts of the world including Mexico, USA, China, Spain, England, India, Namibia, Kenya, Germany and Austria.

What is even more remarkable is that there are no counterfeits of green fluorite, making it a sought after and reliable mineral for collectors.


The green fluorite is an extremely popular gemstone that is valued worldwide for its diverse crystal forms and fascinating color variations. It is also known as fluorspar and has pronounced healing powers. This gemstone has proven to be extremely effective, especially in the case of concentration and learning difficulties, as it increases the receptivity and creativity of the brain and sharpens the sense of order.

But that's not all the green fluorite has to offer. It also supports intuition, promotes a better understanding of love and friendship, and helps to shed one-sided perspectives and limiting lifestyles. In order to unfold the full effect of the green fluorite, it should be discharged and charged regularly. It unfolds its strongest effect through observation, direct skin contact or by laying it on affected parts of the body, especially on the heart chakra.

The green fluorite is mainly formed when magma with high levels of hydrogen fluoride cools and can be found in various countries such as Mexico, USA, China, Spain, England, India, Namibia, Kenya, Germany and Austria. Remarkably, no counterfeits of green fluorite are known, which again underlines its exclusivity. Overall, green fluorite is a truly one-of-a-kind gemstone that enriches and inspires its wearers on many levels.

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