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The meaning of bronzite: history and use

Bronzite is a gemstone that was already known as a coveted gemstone in ancient times. Both the Greeks and Romans used bronzite as a means to strengthen the nerves and relieve mental confusion and insanity. The gemstone was named after its bronze-like appearance, which still gives it its special charm today. Bronzite has even been discovered in meteorites.

The effect of bronzite: relaxation and rest

Bronzite can help in stressful situations and has a stimulating and invigorating effect on the body. In addition, the gem can promote concentration, soothe the mind and give inner peace and serenity. Bronzite can also have a beneficial effect when you are tired or stressed and can help you recover more quickly. Trauma can be processed better and depression can also be prevented.

Application of bronzite: body parts and gemstone water

Bronzite has the best effect when it is placed on the affected parts of the body or worn directly on the body. The gemstone can also unfold its effect as bronzite water.

Gemstone water with bronzite: production and effect

Gemstone water with bronzite is particularly powerful and easy to make. You can either place the gem in a gem bowl or pour boiling water over it in a test tube and inhale the steam. Alternatively, one can also use a crystal initiation disc or gemstone disc.

Charging, discharging and purifying bronzite

To get the full effect of Bronzite, the gemstone should be discharged and cleaned under running lukewarm water once a month. It can then be recharged overnight with a rock crystal.

Chakra and Meditation with Bronzite

Bronzite works especially well on the third eye and solar plexus chakra. During meditation, the gemstone has a beneficial and liberating effect on the soul and protects it from injury.

Formation and occurrence of bronzite

Bronzite is a mixed crystal of the enstatite-hyphersthene series and consists of an iron-magnesium compound. It is formed by magnesium-rich magma and occurs mainly in peridotite. Bronzite is common and can be found in countries like South Africa, India, Australia, China, Brazil and Austria.

Fakes of bronzite are not known to date.

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