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Importance and use of blue calcite: effects, purification, formation and occurrence

Calcite is an amazing mineral found in abundance in the earth's crust. Its valuable importance lies in its high calcium content, which is particularly appreciated in the pharmaceutical industry. If you have ever seen the blue calcite you will not be able to forget its stunning beauty. This mineral is known for its calming effects that promote mental development, boost memory and boost self-esteem.

If you're wondering how to best use the blue calcite, you've come to the right place. In this article you will learn everything about its meaning and use, how to clean it and how it is formed. We will also talk about its occurrence so you can better understand why this mineral is so special.

Ready to learn more about this fascinating gem? Let's dive in!

Meaning of blue calcite

The blue shimmering calcite is not only a visual highlight, but also a true all-rounder when it comes to mental balance and mental development. With its calming effect, it gives us inner stability and promotes our mental health. The calcite helps us to think more positively and strengthens our memory. At the same time, it gives us the necessary self-confidence to fully exploit our abilities and master challenges with confidence. When it comes to staying determined and steadfast, blue calcite is also a valuable asset. It is used particularly frequently on the throat chakra, where it unfolds its full effect. Alternatively, it can also be used on the third eye to promote mental clarity and inspiration.

Application of Blue Calcite

In order to maximize the positive effect of the blue calcite, it is advisable to wear it directly on the body, to apply it to the appropriate parts of the body or to use it both internally and externally as water. It can also be applied externally as an ointment to the affected areas of skin to make the most of its healing properties. By using blue calcite in this way, you can ensure you are harnessing the full power of this unique stone, providing holistic support for your body and mind.

Purification and charging of blue calcite

If you want to ensure that your blue calcite is always working at its best, you should rinse it of any energetic residue under running lukewarm water once a month. You can then charge it overnight with a rock crystal to regain its full power.

This way you can ensure that your blue calcite is always in the best condition and that you can fully benefit from its beneficial energies. Just give it a little break and then let it get going again!

Formation and occurrence of blue calcite

Calcite, also known as calcite, is a mineral that is one of the most common rock formers in the world. The blue calcite is made up of calcium, carbon and oxygen and also has inclusions of iron, manganese and cobalt. Depending on the mineral composition, it occurs in different colors and shapes. This mineral is distributed worldwide, especially in the USA, Brazil and Mexico. Due to its wide distribution, it is a coveted raw material and is used, among other things, for the production of paints, building materials, fertilizers and in the smelting of metal ores. In addition, marble containing calcite, onyx marble and limestone are popular building materials.

A remarkable property of calcite is its double refraction, which earned it its name as double spar. This property makes pure crystals interesting for the optical industry. However, calcite is not the ideal gemstone due to its low hardness, but it is occasionally cut in a cabochon or smooth cut.


The blue calcite is an extraordinarily versatile mineral that is used not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the production of paints, building materials and building materials. Known for its calming effects, it can help achieve inner peace and mental stability. To maintain its effects, it is advisable to regularly clean and discharge the blue calcite under running lukewarm water. Another way to get the benefits of this mineral is to use it in the form of ointments, in direct contact with the skin, or as an additive in water. With regular use, we can promote our inner balance and advance our mental development.

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