Aplit: Ein magmatisches Gestein mit zuckerkörniger Textur

Aplite: An igneous rock with a sugar-grained texture

Aplite is an igneous rock composed of simple mineral components and has a sugar-grained texture. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the origin, properties and distribution of aplit.

Early mentions of Aplit

Aplite is not a new rock, but was described by Carl Schmieder and Karl Caesar von Leonhard in the early 19th century. Schmieder called it "granite composed of quartz and feldspar with little or no mica", while Leonhard referred to it as "granites composed only of feldspar and quartz".

How Aplit got its name

The name aplite comes from "simple rock" as the rock was considered "simple" due to its simple mineral components and fine-grained grain size.

Properties of aplit

Aplite has an acidic chemistry and can come in a variety of colors including white, light gray, pink, beige, and yellow. It consists mainly of quartz and alkali feldspars and contains only a few minor components such as hematite, tourmaline and garnet, which occur in small quantities and variety. The texture of aplite is sugar-grained and dense, and the density of the rock is 2.6 g/cm³.

Origin and distribution of aplit

Aplite is a gangue rock formed by the rapid cooling of magmas and deposits in fissure-like openings in other rocks. Since alite is formed from the same parent magma as the surrounding rocks, the composition is similar, but differs in color and character. Aplites are typically a few centimeters to several centimeters wide and can be distinguished from surrounding rocks such as granite, granodiorite, diorite, syenite and gabbro.

The Dalmartiner stone: effect and application

The Dalmartiner stone is a valuable piece of jewelry with positive effects on body and mind. In this section you will learn everything you need to know about its application and effect.

Effect of the Dalmartinerstein: More energy and emotional balance

The Dalmartinerstein can help us to think through our projects better and to implement them energetically. It encourages our creativity and gives us new ideas and impulses. In addition, it has a balancing effect on our emotions and strengthens us from within. It can help us reduce stress and anxiety and bring us back into balance.

Charging, discharging and cleaning the Dalmartiner stone: this way it always remains effective

In order for the Dalmartiner stone to develop its positive effect, it is important to regularly discharge and charge it. For this purpose, it should be discharged under running water once a month to get rid of negative energies. It can then be charged with a Clear Quartz to increase its effectiveness. In addition, the Dalmartiner stone should be cleaned regularly to free it from external influences.

Application of the Dalmartiner stone: Direct skin contact or targeted application

In order to feel the positive effect of the Dalmartiner stone, it is advisable to wear it directly on the skin for a long time. In this way, it can optimally transfer its energy to our body and mind. Alternatively, it can also be applied specifically to affected parts of the body in order to develop its effect there.


Aplite is an interesting igneous rock with simple mineral components and a sugar-grained texture. The Dalmartiner stone, on the other hand, is a valuable piece of jewelry with positive effects on our body and mind. By regularly discharging, charging and cleaning the Dalmartiner stone, its effect can be maintained. Use the positive energy of Aplit and the Dalmartiner stone to increase your balance and energy and to improve your well-being.

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