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Everything worth knowing about the violet fluorite - meaning, effect, application and more

Full of elegance and variety of colors, the purple fluorite is one of the most fascinating gemstones there is. With its different crystal shapes and a variety of color nuances, this gemstone attracts attention and inspires collectors and gemstone lovers alike. Dive into the world of purple fluorite in this informative article and learn everything there is to know about this extraordinary gemstone.

Meaning of Fluorite (Violet)

Fluorite, also known as fluorspar, has a rich history as a gemstone. Its name derives from the Latin word "fluere" which means "to flow" and refers to its use as a flux in metalworking. Nowadays fluorite is also used for the production of fluorine. This unique gemstone is often valued as a healing stone as it is said to have the properties of all other gemstones.

Effect of Fluorite (Violet)

The purple fluorite has a plethora of positive effects on the mind and body. It can help in particular with concentration and learning difficulties by improving receptivity, promoting clarity and understanding and sharpening the sense of order. In addition, it has a calming effect and can alleviate anxiety while uncovering suppressed feelings. This helps to get rid of one-sided views and restrictive ways of life and to promote and sensitize intuition, especially for love and friendship. The purple fluorite also imparts emotional stability and inner harmony, which can help improve overall well-being.

Charging, Discharging and Purifying Fluorite (Purple)

To ensure your fluorite is always at its full potential, it's best to discharge it under lukewarm water once a week. For an additional energy charge, you can then either charge it with a rock crystal or in the sun. If you wear chains, it is advisable to discharge them overnight with hematite tumbled stones and then charge them with a clear rock crystal.

Application of Fluorite (Violet)

To harness the healing powers of purple fluorite, it is best to either simply look at it or place it directly on affected areas or in contact with skin. In this way, the energy of the fluorite can penetrate the body in a gentle and natural way and unfold its healing effects. While there are many ways to use purple fluorite, this is certainly one of the most effective and enjoyable. Just try it out and let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful properties of this extraordinary mineral!

Fluorite (Purple) Chakra

Fluorite is a fascinating gemstone that has different effects on the chakras depending on its color. When it comes to the third eye, this crystal is particularly powerful. It is therefore worth considering the color of fluorite if you want to use it specifically to strengthen and harmonize certain chakras.

Formation of fluorite (purple)

While pure fluorite may be colorless, it has the potential to shimmer into different hues when accompanied by other minerals. Among the many colors that fluorite can take on, purple is one of the most desirable. To obtain this fascinating hue, fluorite must cool in magma rich in hydrogen fluoride. When this happens, the purple fluorite often crystallizes in perfect cubes and belongs to the halide family, an important group of minerals.

Occurrence of Fluorite (Purple)

There are numerous countries in the world where the rare purple fluorite can be found. These countries include Mexico, USA, China, Spain, England, India, Namibia, Kenya, Germany and Austria. Despite being a common mineral, its stunning color and unique properties make it a coveted find for mineral collectors and enthusiasts.


Violet fluorite is a coveted gemstone for its stunning range of colors and unique crystal shapes. In addition to its beauty, it is often used as a healing stone to support the body and mind. The violet fluorite can help with concentration and learning difficulties and increase receptivity. In addition, it can alleviate fears and provide emotional stability and inner harmony. For best results, the gemstone should be discharged and charged regularly and is most effective simply by looking at it or by direct skin contact. A member of the halide mineral class, purple fluorite is found in many countries around the world and is a precious gift from nature.

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