Zodiac (Star Sign) Aries

The element of fire and the root chakra are associated with the zodiac sign Aries. Thus, the healing stones in red are best suited as birthstones. These support the fiery character of Aries and help him to break new ground in a more enthusiastic, impulsive, spontaneous and powerful way.

  • Understanding birthstones

    Exactly one birthstone can be assigned to each constellation from the place of birth, the date of birth and the time of birth. However, it is sufficient to fall back on the appropriate birthstone of the 3 decades. Each of these three decades is exactly 10 days, i.e. 1/3 of the total duration of a sign of the zodiac (star sign). Each birthstone of a decade brings with it different characteristics of its effect on the characteristics of the wearer that are to be supported.

  • leveling stones

    In addition, there is a so-called "balancing stone" for each decade to compensate for overly pronounced characteristics that can deceive the balance of each wearer. This should be used when zodiac specific traits are too strong. Then please do not use a birthstone, because unlike the balancing stone, this increases the properties unnecessarily and thus works against the forces of the balancing stone.

Granat Edelsteine facettiert

First Decan and its birthstones

The first Decan of Aries is from March 21st to March 30th. During this time, Aries is supported by Garnet as a birthstone. This gives him strength, endurance and resilience. Thanks to the garnet, the Aries native can part with outdated ideas and analyze mistakes better. In addition, he is given a better view of other people so that the ram can better put himself in their shoes.

To choose from garnet
Rubin Halskette

If the garnet is too expensive for you, the ruby ​​is a slightly cheaper alternative. As a birthstone, the ruby ​​promotes joie de vivre and courage in Aries, but especially passion. In addition, it stimulates vitality and active sexuality without losing sensitivity to other people. Aries' passion is not only strengthened on a physical level but also brought to a deeper spiritual level. The ruby ​​is therefore not only one of the most popular gemstones, but can also convince with its powers as a healing stone.

To choose from ruby
Spinell Rubin Ring

Another variant as a birthstone for Aries is the even cheaper Spinel Ruby , which promotes the enthusiasm and endurance of Aries in the first decade.

Roter Jaspis Anhänger gewellt

The birthstone of the second decade ensures inner harmony

The main birthstone of Aries is the birthstone of this Decan, which runs from March 31st to April 9th. We are talking about red jasper , this stone helps the Aries of the second decade best, but it is also the main birthstone and therefore suitable for all Aries-born people. Wearing this birthstone increases Aries' readiness for conflict, drive and general energy. It frees you from blockages and ensures a better balance. This leads to inner harmony and ensures optimal development of personal strengths.

To choose from jasper
Feuerachat Trommelsteine

The third decade will be fiery

The fire agate has a balancing effect on Aries in the last decade, which runs from April 10th to April 20th. The birthstone strengthens the already strong will of Aries and increases optimism and zest for action. Furthermore, it allows the wearer to process experiences better and to act in a considered manner. The increased zest for action can be directed in certain directions or on certain goals with the help of the fire agate, this ensures stronger inner growth.

To choose from agate