Zodiac Sign (Star Sign) Capricorn

The coloring of the birthstones for the different Decans is very wide-ranging, ranging from violet to transparent to black. Among other things, this is related to the fact that Capricorn is not only assigned one chakra, but two chakras. The first chakra is the brow chakra and is only associated with the first decade. From the second decade, the crown chakra then takes over this place.

  • Understanding birthstones

    Exactly one birthstone can be assigned to each constellation from the place of birth, the date of birth and the time of birth. However, it is sufficient to fall back on the appropriate birthstone of the 3 decades. Each of these three decades is exactly 10 days, i.e. 1/3 of the total duration of a sign of the zodiac (star sign). Each birthstone of a decade brings with it different characteristics of its effect on the characteristics of the wearer that are to be supported.

  • leveling stones

    In addition, there is a so-called "balancing stone" for each decade to compensate for overly pronounced characteristics that can deceive the balance of each wearer. This should be used when zodiac specific traits are too strong. Then please do not use a birthstone, because unlike the balancing stone, this increases the properties unnecessarily and thus works against the forces of the balancing stone.

Amethyst Ring

The birthstone of the first decade

The first Decan of Capricorn with its associated Brow Chakra begins on December 22nd and ends on December 31st. During this time, those born in Capricorn are supported by the amethyst as their birthstone. This promotes a sober way of thinking, concentration and alertness. In addition, the imagination is stimulated and the overall harmony of the wearer of the birthstone is greatly expanded.

To choose amethyst

The rock crystal is the main birthstone of Capricorn

The rock crystal is the appropriate birthstone for the second decade, from January 1st to January 9th, as well as the main birthstone of Capricorn. In this decade, the brow chakra gives up its affiliation with the crown chakra. As a birthstone, the rock crystal has the special feature that the direction of growth is to be understood in the opposite direction to the other healing stone. If this is right-turning, male people should wear it, and if it's left-turning, female people should wear it. The rock crystal can develop its power best when it is worn in direct contact with the skin. It supports the Capricorn in recognizing what really lasts in his life and conveys a clear perception.

To choose from rock crystal
Schwarzer Rohdiamant facettiert

The third decade has three matching birthstones

In this decade we continue with the extraordinary, because the Capricorn
This decade, which runs from January 10th to January 19th, there are three matching birthstones, each promoting particular strengths. The first stone is the black diamond in the rough . This stands for strength, invulnerability and virtue. It promotes the sense of responsibility, the power and the authority of the Capricorn-born person. It also helps to resolve blockages and make clear decisions.

Onyx Edelstein Geschnitten

Onyx is one of the other suitable birthstones. With the help of this birthstone, Capricorn is able to develop a stronger personality, the ability to persuade and assertiveness and to accumulate more courage and determination. In addition, the onyx is cheaper than the rough diamond.

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Schneeflockenobsidian Halskette

The final birthstone is obsidian . This is particularly good at supporting Capricorn in its maturing process.

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