Zodiac (Star Sign) Scorpio

The zodiac sign Scorpio belongs to the element of water and is assigned to the thymus chakra. This stands for life, flow and mobility. Signs associated with the element of water are said to have a special ability to adapt and devotion. Scorpios think and act intuitively and often imaginatively. Since the element water has the color blue and the thymus chakra the color green, green-blue healing stones are best suited to the zodiac sign Scorpio.

  • Understanding birthstones

    Exactly one birthstone can be assigned to each constellation from the place of birth, the date of birth and the time of birth. However, it is sufficient to fall back on the appropriate birthstone of the 3 decades. Each of these three decades is exactly 10 days, i.e. 1/3 of the total duration of a sign of the zodiac (star sign). Each birthstone of a decade brings with it different characteristics of its effect on the characteristics of the wearer that are to be supported.

  • leveling stones

    In addition, there is a so-called "balancing stone" for each decade to compensate for overly pronounced characteristics that can deceive the balance of each wearer. This should be used when zodiac specific traits are too strong. Then please do not use a birthstone, because unlike the balancing stone, this increases the properties unnecessarily and thus works against the forces of the balancing stone.

Malachit Ohrring

The Scorpio birthstone of the first Decan

With the help of malachite, the birthstone of the first decade from October 23rd to November 2nd, the perception and concentration of the Scorpio-born man is increased. The malachite is a stone for "fighters". This means that setbacks are processed positively and make the sign stronger. In addition, the birthstone helps the Scorpio of the first Decan to show a higher power of imagination and observation. It frees you from superfluous thoughts and ensures that the Scorpio puts more energy into the concerns of society.

Please be careful when handling untreated malachite stones, they become toxic to humans as soon as they come into contact with water. So please do not wear directly on the skin.

To choose malachite
Trükis Edelstein Roh

The turquoise as a strong companion of the Scorpio of the second Decan

The Decan birthstone of the second Decan, from November 3rd to November 12th, is the turquoise . He helps the Scorpio to explore his subconscious for the causes of his reluctance and can thus ensure that blockages are released. This usually leads to new powers becoming available. With the help of the turquoise birthstone, the Scorpio-born person can overcome themselves to approach and influence other people more openly.

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Amazonit Anhänger

The birthstone of the third and final Decan of Scorpio

Between November 12th and November 21st, Scorpio natives from this time frame will be best supported by the Amazonite . According to a legend, it does not take its name from the Amazon jungle, as one might think, but from the Amazons (land of women). In addition, the stone is closely associated with the moon, tugging at the moon's magical attraction and alluring beauty. The amazonite supports the third decan Scorpio in letting his feelings and desires run free. Thanks to the last birthstone, the late Scorpio is strengthened in his independence and can live freely. This is not done at the expense of other people's feelings.

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